Our 3 new DVDs about VISCERAL MANIPULATION - ENDOCRINE EFFECTS are available now!

Liver, Pancreas and Intestine | Colon, Heart and Kidneys | Stomach and Respiratory Diaphragm

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Jean-Pierre Barral

Jean-Pierre Barral D.O. (UK) is seen worldwide as one of the most important innovators of Visceral Osteopathy. His concepts and techniques have given new perspectives to Osteopathy, Manual Medicine and Physical Therapy.

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Our DVDs

munich group media has produced a series of DVDs on cooperation with Jean-Pierre-Barral. This DVDs are available at our e-shop.

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munich group media

The producers Peter Schwind and Christoph Sommer are friends with Jean-Pierre Barral since 3 decades: 30 years of exchanging ideas and concepts and of working together in the class room for therapists of different manual disciplines.

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