Jean-Pierre Barral

Jean-Pierre Barral D.O. (UK) is known worldwide for the development of VISCERAL MANIPULATION. When he published his first book about this theme together with his colleague Paul Mercier he opened new perspectives for his profession. VISCERAL MANIPULATION has roots which go back to the early times of osteopathy: it was the founder of cranial osteopathy, W.G. Sutherland, who had included some very basic techniques for the manual treatment of human organs in his teaching. And some early bonesetters also had practical knowledge about this unusual manual treatment. What is characteristic for Barral`s way of treating the viscera is, that he was able to develop a detailed system for evaluating and treating all the organs. He was able to describe how the  motion of the respiratory diaphragm acts on the organs and moves each organ inside the body in a certain way. He found tests to evaluate this motion, which can be easily reproduced. And he developed a sophisticated technique to stimulate and correct the motion of organs. And even more: He demonstrated, that dysfunctions of the musculoskeletal system, especially problems of joints, are not separate from the organs. There are inner bridges between the world of muscles  and bones and the world of organs. By describing these inner bridges Barral was able to show that the word of orthopedic medicine and the word of internal medicine are not separate. When Barral formulated the concepts of VISCERAL MAANIPULATION he made a contribution that has consequences far beyond their proper field of osteopathy. They created a new vision of complementary medicine in general.

It was already in 2001, that the American TIME magazine has listed him as one of the great innovators of alternative medicine.

When we look at Barral`s work nowadays we become aware that VISCERAL MANIPULATION became a milestone for contemporary osteopathy and  manual medicine. However for Barral´s own professional life this milestone  was much more. It was sort of a starting point, to open the manual work for many other directions. During four decades of practice he steadily expanded the territory of manual therapy: In the field of diagnostics by developing MANUAL THERMAL DIAGNOSIS,in the field of treatment by including VESSELS, NERVES and finally  even the BRAIN itself in his approach.

Barral´s philosophy is: Everything is important in the human organism, the surface is as meaningful as the very deep structures.