The Knee - a "neurological" joint

65 minutes in english & language

In this DVD Jean-Pierre Barral demonstrates his new techniques for the treatment of the knee. The underlying concept has been developed over the last years in collaboration with Alain Croibier. Its practical application to the knee is examplary for the „New Articular Approach“.

Barral calls the knee a „neurological joint“. He alludes here to the complex relationships that exist between the knee and the nervous system. The example of the knee demonstrates very clearly how the different building blocks of the organism are neurologically wired to the „executive floor“, i.e. the brain.

The techniques that are shown in this DVD do justice to this state of affairs.

They are a very efficient key to a successful treatment strategy.

The application field reaches from prevention of sports injuries to the treatment of chronic and acute dysfunctions. The manifold problems around the theme meniscus get special attention.

In four chapters Barral succeeds in giving a practical, anatomy-based introduction into the various facets of this particularly problematic joint, the knee.

The first chapter looks at its active and passive stabilisers. The practical treatment demonstrations circle around the interaction between muscles and ligaments.

Also the second chapter is dedicated to active and passive stabilisers. From the combination of techniques demonstrated in the first and second chapters emerges a three dimensional way of entrance to the knee Joint.

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