General overview, "brain functional listening" and a complete treatment demonstration after mechanical trauma

57 minutes in english & language

11 Treatment Demonstrations

The first DVD of the three DVDs "A Manual Approach to the Brain - Part 1" gives a conceptual and practical introduction. Jean-Pierre Barral explains the basics of his innovative approach by discussing the different parts of the brain. He describes how the intracranial pressures do influence the brain cells. And he discusses the meaning of the following parts of the brain:

  • insula
  • corpus cayllosum
  • cingulate cortex
  • thalamus

He talks in detail about the various diagnostic steps of "functional listening" as it applies to the brain.  After that he shows how this is practically done. He demonstrates step by step a complete treatment with a client. The history of this client is a severe mechanical trauma accompanied by several fractures of cranial bones. After the treatment, Barral discusses the client`s personal experience dialoging with the client, including history of the accident and the long-term symptoms.

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