The spenoid, the limbic system and the ventricular system

84 minutes in english & language

17 Treatment Demonstrations

The third DVD of „A Manual Approach to the Brain - Part 1“-series gives a detailed introduction into the limbic system and the system of the ventricles. Barral describes the role of the sphenoid bone as a crosslink of many structures. He clearly describes and discusses the components of the TMJ, the whole masticatory apparatus and its connections to the deep layers of the craniosacral system.

He explains and demonstrates the various practical – techniques for:

  • the neural and the vascular connections
  • the muscular and the fascial elements of the temporomandibular joint
  • the  manual treatment of the brain after stress situations
  • the treatment of the motor cortex

Also this DVD has been developed within the context of practice for practice.

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